The best comforters for when it’s hot, but you still need to be covered

The best comforters for when it's hot, but you still need to be covered
The best comforters for when it’s hot, but you still need to be covered

Many adults have security blankets. They just come in the form of the absolute need to sleep under a comforter or a sheet, even on nights when it’s hotter than the kitchen on Chopped.

The explanation is similar to the science behind weighted blankets: Blankets are associated with higher levels of serotonin and dopamine. Feeling even the slightest bit bundled can cause deep pressure stimulation, which helps to regulate your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems (the things in charge of our bodies while we’re at rest and on the go).

But a cool temperature is another main key to a restful sleep. If you and your significant other are in a perpetual argument about the temperature of your room at night, whoever votes for cold is technically right. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal room temperature at bedtime. Body temperature regulates our circadian clock, and hot rooms make it hard for your body to drop to its optimal temperature for REM sleep.

During months when even AC can’t manage that, what should you do? Skip the comforter, plus the feel-good chemicals and calmed nervous system that come with it?

Nope. Just invest in a cooling comforter.

How do cooling comforters work?

A cooling comforter is primarily used to keep the under-cover climate airy and moisture-free, but it won’t replace air conditioning. If you’re expecting a comforter laced in some proprietary, blue cooling gel that feels like an everlasting icepack, you’ll be disappointed.

Being lightweight certainly helps, but many puffy, thick comforters are much more cooling than a thin one filled with lumpy polyester.

Materials can tell you a lot about a comforter’s airflow. Natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and eucalyptus are much more breathable than synthetic ones, which trap hot air and can conjure static charge. Down comforters (made with goose or duck feathers) are the epitome of cloud-like bedding, but they’re also known for their insulation. Fill power is the fluffiness measurement: the denser the down clusters, the warmer the comforter. For best cooling results, find a fill power of 600 or less.

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Aside from breathability, you may also be looking for a comforter that keeps perspiration or allergic reactions at bay. Here are the factors to keep in mind:

  • Sweat management: Bamboo, eucalyptus, and merino wool are naturally efficient water absorbers. When it comes to bedding, this property translates into moisture-wicking, which pulls sweat away from the body and sends it to the outer layer of the sheets or comforter to evaporate. (Tencel is a newly popular viscose fiber derived from bamboo or eucalyptus pulp that is made from plant cellulose — and those plant fibers love sucking in moisture.)

  • Softness: Sweaty sleepers aren’t the only ones who may want to look for such materials, of course: Bamboo and eucalyptus also happen to be wildly soft and more sustainable than even organic cotton. Those who dream of the slippery glide of silk sheets might consider a bamboo or eucalyptus comforter, as those fibers typically have a finer yarn and make for a smoother weave pattern.

  • Thread count: This term refers to the number of threads in one square inch of your bedding. It can be a factor ini determining whether your comforter feels smooth or like a crunchy button-up shirt, but don’t let it dictate a level of luxury. Bamboo and cotton have differing yarn structure and weave patterns, so comparing their thread counts isn’t quite apples to apples. says that a standard 300 thread count in bamboo is the equivalent of 1000 thread count of the finest cotton sheets.

  • Hypoallergenic: For the longest time, the rule for allergy-prone folks was to steer clear of down bedding because of its likelihood to attract or house dust mites. Dust mites can technically make a home in any type of bedding, but it’s still possible to have a reaction to feathers — not to mention that the quills can be irritating to sensitive skin.

If you’re still hot after all of this, a can help tackle the climate between your body and the mattress.

After lots of careful research and studying hundreds of online reviews, here are our picks for the best cooling comforters:

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IMAGE: Capser


Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet

One of those fluffy down comforters that everyone wants, filled with sweat-wicking merino wool.

$350 from Capser
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IMAGE: Buffy


Buffy Breeze

Combat night sweats with the moisture-wicking properties of eucalyptus wrapped in up in a cloud.

$179 from Buffy
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IMAGE: Brooklinen


Brooklinen Lightweight Down Comforter

The internet’s favorite sheet brand brings you a down comforter that’s ultra soft and light as a feather. (Literally — there are feathers in there.)

  • Fill: Goose down

  • Shell: 100% cotton sateen

  • Machine washable: Safe for the dryer, but refreshing by hang drying is recommended

$199 from Brooklinen
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A2e805cf 65f5 4886 b642 8e784b26168b
IMAGE: Cuddledown



Get the fluff of down without feeling suffocated with this synthetic, mesh-ventilated comforter.

$239 from Cuddledown
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Cb6ce0f8 4a9a 4591 ac21 c8b485c7e9c6
IMAGE: Amazon


Linenspa All Season Reversible Comforter

One of Amazon’s most popular comforters, this wallet-friendly pick is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and elegant.

  • Fill: Microfiber

  • Shell: Microfiber

  • Machine washable: Yes

$29.99 from Amazon
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9df539f2 7194 4d87 b0c2 7f7ff8cea3b4
IMAGE: Cozy Earth


Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter

Ultra soft and tightly woven to prevent dust mites, a bamboo comforter is great for people with allergies.

$383 from Cozy Earth
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44f36322 d1ab 498d 93b8 70e8ccf17472
IMAGE: Ettitude


Ettitude Organic Bamboo Duvet

A moisture-wicking, eco-friendly duvet that creates a dreamy match for your cooling comforter.

$104 from Ettitude
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IMAGE: Gravity


Gravity Cooling Blanket

Weighted blanket diehards can now achieve that calming swaddle without overheating on humid nights.

$199 from Gravity

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