Jar Jar Binks, right, a character in the Star Wars franchise, is part of a long tradition of racial stereotypes when it comes to extraterrestrials, the study said – AFP Artificial intelligence risks creating a “racially homogenous” workforce, Cambridge University researchers have warned. Cultural depictions of artificial intelligence as white […]

Are you interested in studying, working or teaching English in another country? If you’re a college graduate (or soon to be one), then you may want to consider reviewing Fulbright Scholarship requirements. The prestigious Fulbright U.S. Student Program hands out about 2,000 awards annually. Winning one could be a life-changing […]

via Instagram After a three-month stint in porn, Mia Khalifa called it quits. Given her limited experience in porn, with only a dozen scenes to her credit, disappearing back into civilian life was a reasonable expectation—or would have been, if the Lebanese-born star hadn’t become a global sensation at 21 […]