Baghdad (AFP) – Browse through Arabic-language social media pages and you could walk away thinking COVID-19 is an American hoax, isn’t deadly and can be swiftly cured with a garlic clove. Arabic pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are brimming with fake news stories on the novel coronavirus, from benign […]

Dorms on East Green at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, June 21, 2020. (Maddie McGarvey/The New York Times) LAKEWOOD, Ohio — Hammered by mounting coronavirus costs and anticipating lost revenue from international students, fall sports and state budgets gutted by the pandemic, colleges and universities nationwide have begun eyeing what […]

Gene J. Puskar/AP In September of 1982, a handful of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University using the ARPANET, the proto-internet network established by the Department of Defense that included several forum-like bulletin boards, got into a multi-day discussion about the behavior of elevators in free-fall. It involved several physics questions. […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s plans for a grand convention keep shrinking. The Republican National Committee announced Thursday that it is sharply restricting attendance on three of the four nights of its convention in Jacksonville, Florida, next month. As the GOP looks for ways to move forward while coronavirus […]

By April Joyner NEW YORK (Reuters) – Options investors are ramping up bets on some of this year’s biggest winners, including Inc, Netflix Inc and Tesla Inc, even as they turn cautious on the wider market amid a resurgent U.S. coronavirus outbreak. Investors are betting that tech-related stocks will […]

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — The final month of coronavirus-mandated closures for New Jersey’s casinos and racetracks was predictably bad. Figures released Tuesday by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement show the nine casinos and two horse tracks that offer sports betting won $97.5 million in June, a decline […]

As the Trump administration pushes full steam ahead to force schools to resume in-person education, public health experts warn that a one-size-fits-all reopening could drive infection and death rates even higher. They’re urging a more cautious approach, which many local governments and school districts are already pursuing. There are too […]

(Bloomberg) — Digital advertising platforms run by Google, Inc. and other tech companies will funnel at least $25 million to websites spreading misinformation about Covid-19 this year, according to a study released Wednesday. Google’s platforms will provide $19 million, or $3 out of every $4 that the misinformation sites […]

(Bloomberg) — U.S. President Donald Trump, in a tweet, called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for reopening schools too “tough and expensive,” and said he would meet with the agency to review them. In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he anticipates a “blended” program […]

(Bloomberg) — New Jersey’s governor said he will require the public to wear masks in outdoor crowds. Brooks Brothers Group Inc. filed for bankruptcy, becoming the latest veteran retailer to succumb to the pandemic’s impact on clothing sales. Britain’s finance minister unveiled a plan to save jobs, and cut taxes […]

(Bloomberg) — France’s new prime minister said he would back targeted restrictions to preserve the economy if the country is hit by a second wave of virus infections. Violence flared in Serbia, with Belgrade facing lockdown at the weekend. U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is unveiling a $2.5 […]

(Bloomberg) — France’s new prime minister said he would back targeted restrictions to preserve the economy if the country is hit by a second wave of virus infections. Violence flared in Serbia with Belgrade facing lockdown at the weekend to confront an “alarming” spike in cases. The U.S. gave the […]