Serving the Bexar County group via its packages and companies that help college students succeed in acquiring the knowledge and skills Gadget Guys needed in right now’s world. Today, five faculties fulfill this promise with a vast array of courses and 2-year degrees. More than double the proportion of females […]

The electromechanical Zuse Z3, accomplished in 1941, was the world’s first programmable computer, and by fashionable standards one of many first machines that could be thought-about a complete computing machine. During the Second World War, Colossus developed the first digital digital computer to decrypt German messages. Although it was programmable, […]

The public sector is slowly embracing digital transformation and implementing them in their service to offer better service to citizens. FREMONT, CA: Public sector organizations are adopting new technologies to offer a better adaptive experience for digital citizens. Technology trends help public sector companies concentrate on government operations, which go beyond […]

For more than four years, Dan Kempton served as director of engineering and cloud services for the North Carolina IT Department. He is now the state chief technology officer, a newly created role. North Carolina has named its first chief technology officer, Dan Kempton, according to the state’s Department of […]

Technology mutual funds are ideal for investors seeking long-term growth and impressive returns. Improving industry fundamentals and emerging technologies such as AI, ML, robotics and data science are the key catalysts to the sector’s growth. In addition, the majority of funds investing in securities from the technology sector take a […]

Puma has gone high-tech for its latest sneaker drop. As a result of a sponsored research project in partnership with MIT Design Lab, the sports brand has created XETIC, a cushioning technology that combines mechanical cushioning and foam. The product will make its debut in a new street-inspired sneaker called […]

Jack Ma, founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group – Jacques Brinon /Earns Alibaba He is known for his lavish parties and eccentric tastes. In the past Jack Ma, the 55 year-old billionaire founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has attended the group’s annual company festivals dressed up as a punk rocker […]

Fox Sports (FOX) has announced that it will be working with Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL) Google Cloud to enhance its sports broadcasts with new data organizing technologies. Google confirmed the news in a press release from Fox Sports, saying that it will be providing its cloud-computing capabilities to the popular sports […]