Industrial Computer-on-Module Market A Computer-on-Module (COM) is a collection of electronic circuits mounted on a circuit board to give an essential capacity inside a PC. An illustration may be an inverter, which would require at least two transistors and a few extra supporting gadgets. Modules would be embedded into a […]

The Santa Fe Administrative Office of the Courts launched a new smartphone app to assist in looking up court cases. The new app summarizes information for civil and criminal cases. by Eastern New Mexico News / August 13, 2020 (TNS) — The Administrative Office of the Courts has introduced a […]

Days after President Donald Trump defended his administration’s “incredible” handling of the coronavirus outbreak in a widely viewed interview, the nation’s top health official called the country’s response “disparate” and “not as well suited” to the dynamics of the pandemic. “What happened when the rubber hit the road on this, […]

Millions have now sat for the most important exam of their lives This week around 10 million students across China have sat the Gaokao – a college entrance exam which determines their entire future. Hanging over their heads, though, is the recent revelation that hundreds of other students before them […]