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4 Sectors Positively Impacted by Blockchain During the Current Pandemic

Blockchain technology was invented in the last years of the previous decade, and yet the true potential of this technology is, however, to be discovered even in a dozen years. Even in its known applications, not all businesses and all demographics have shown the excitement it warrants. Yet, certain global events at times dictate the rise and fall of specific technologies. Currently, the world is at war with a pandemic titled COVID-19. There is still time to finally see what the after-effects of this global crisis will be. However, we can be confident that social distancing will be required for quite some time before interaction can be, as is said, business as usual.

One must think what a global pandemic and an emerging technology have in common here to be discussed in the same breath?

Well, not much, but at the outset, we can say that blockchain technology will majorly

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The coronavirus pandemic forced many people in Connecticut to work from home. Power outages from Tropical Storm Isaias could send some back to the office.

The coronavirus pandemic forced legions of office workers in Connecticut to work at home to stop the spread, but the strategy hit a major disruption when Tropical Storm Isaias knocked out power — and in many cases, internet — to hundreds of thousands of utility customers in the state.

Major employers in the Hartford area said Wednesday they were coping with how the loss of power was affecting employees working remotely. In some cases, shifting responsibilities to employees who did have power. Some were even considering allowing some workers to come back to the office on a temporary basis.

Travelers Cos., a property-casualty insurer employs 7,000 in the Hartford area, said it is being as flexible as possible as employees deal with power loss, internet problems and storm damage.

“Colleagues from other parts of the company are able to support those who have been affected by Isaias so that we

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How pandemic pods and zutors are changing home-schooling

When the number of coronavirus cases began to rise in the San Francisco area in early July, mother of one Lian Chikako Chang started a Facebook group to support local families and teachers who were suddenly facing the prospect of schools not opening in person as planned in mid-August.

The “Pandemic Pods” group, which aims to help with childcare and schooling needs, grew to more than 30,000 members within three weeks, as areas across the US were hit by Covid-19 spikes and more schools decided to stay shut.

“Families were left scrabbling for solutions,” says Ms Chang. “Most parents have to work, and most jobs are not compatible with home-schooling”.

And it’s not just Facebook parents are turning to. Matchmaking apps and websites have sprung up offering to help parents connect with other families to form “safe” learning pods, or match them with teachers who can give online lessons, dubbed

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Virtual house hunting gets a pandemic boost

It’s Saturday evening in London, and I’m house shopping in Dublin, thanks to a virtual-reality headset.

Temporarily forgetting she is sitting beside me, I shout to my wife: “I’m in the children’s bedroom.”

We can’t go to the Republic of Ireland ourselves to do this. Travellers from Great Britain need to restrict their movements for a fortnight, so nipping over and back is off the cards.

But I can take several paces through a virtual seaside flat in Dublin’s Dún Laoghaire, while based in our south London home.

Circles appear on the floor of the Dublin flat and, using hand controls, I can glide between them and explore.

Standing in each circle, I can peer up, down, whichever way I like. It is immersive and I feel as though I’m there, even if moving about feels a bit like using Google Street View.

Welcome to house shopping in the age

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A psychologist explains why people shouldn’t feel guilty taking time off from work during the pandemic

While the boundaries between work and life are blurrier than ever, many are realizing that their busiest days are still disguised as “leisure time” because they’re working from the comfort of their homes. This new work-life balance, or lack thereof, is causing some employees to be hesitant to cash in on their hard-earned vacation days.

Yahoo Life Mental Health Contributor Jen Hartstein shares ways why taking time off is more vital than ever.

“We’re at this very weird time where work and life are blending all the time. And for many we feel like it’s not the right time to take time off,” she explains. “Maybe we aren’t going anywhere, we’re not traveling, so we kind of figure, ‘Why bother?’” 

However, it’s important for us to take time off because “the more space we create, the better and more rejuvenated we come back to the office and to work,” she

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Pandemic revs up race for U.S. online car sales

By Nick Carey

DES MOINES, Iowa (Reuters) – After years of being part of a future that never quite arrived, the coronavirus pandemic has put U.S. online car sellers on the map.

Now comes a race to spend vast sums on digital commerce platforms specifically designed to handle auto sales. Without deep pockets, many startups and others trying to join the online game will likely be left in the dust.

“The big three (auto) e-commerce players will grow substantially, but it will be hard to be a new entrant,” said Toby Russell, joint chief executive officer of Shift, which will go public to join rival Carvana <CVNA.N> and Vroom <VRM.O> later this quarter.

“The pay to play on this thing is in the hundreds of millions and the early journey is hard, especially building out the technology,” Russell said.

Online sales still only account for around 1% of the roughly

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Six ways the pandemic has changed education

Globally, the pandemic has forced around 130 crore children out of school. As per UNESCO, in India alone, more than 32 crore students have been affected due to the closure of schools, colleges and other educational institutions. In fact, such is the impact of the pandemic on education that, as per the British charity, Save the Children, an entire generation has had their education disrupted, while around 1 crore children may never return to school.

However, the pandemic has also caused educational institutions, teachers, parents and children to explore digital options and other platforms beyond traditional schooling. While this may not be the ideal scenario, considering that children benefit the most when they are physically present with their fellow school mates and teachers, it has ensured that education does not stop completely for many students.

We take a look at how education has changed, amidst all the uncertainties that the

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Emmy Awards ceremony to be held online due to pandemic

Los Angeles (AFP) – A day after announcing nominations for the Emmy Awards, the Television Academy on Wednesday informed top nominees that the ceremony in September will be held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The announcement was expected given the restrictions and lockdowns imposed since the virus outbreak which has wreaked havoc in the entertainment industry.

The Emmys — television’s equivalent of the Oscars — will take place on September 20 and will be the first major awards show in Hollywood since the coronavirus crisis began.

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is set to host the festivities broadcast on ABC.

In the letter sent to select nominees and the contents of which were confirmed to AFP by an Academy spokesman, organizers said they were forced to make the tough decision to hold the ceremony online given the circumstances.

“Aside from NOT being able to come together in one

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Coronavirus pandemic gives CES 2021 an opportunity to attract an online audience

The CES show, the largest trade gathering in the United States and the premier annual meeting of the tech industry, will not be greeting the public in January, as planned, due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Instead, the organizers say they’re going all-digital, with several days of online entertainment planned for Jan. 6-9, 2021. 

Good luck with that. 

As a longtime attendee, with more years of attendance than I care to admit, I think the odds of success here are very tough. Yes, we can devote three days of our lives to getting to Las Vegas and roaming the show floor. It’s a lot harder to do it in front of a computer for hours. 

CES always attracts huge crowds
CES always attracts huge crowds

COVID-19 VICTIM: CES 2021 cancels in-person show, moves event online

Smart speakers: Are Facebook and Alexa really listening? 6 common tech myths debunked

That said, can CES put on a great

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How to master ‘The Art of Showing Up’ during a pandemic

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Rachel Wilkerson Miller’s “The Art of Showing Up” covers almost everything you need to know about forming and maintaining adult friendships while also taking care of yourself.

It’s a topic that’s especially useful during the coronavirus pandemic, when many standard rituals — like nights out — are canceled for the foreseeable future, and physical connection is complicated by social distancing.

Miller spoke to TMRW to share her top tips for taking care of yourself and your friendships during the pandemic.

“The Art of Showing Up: How to Be There for Yourself and Your People” by Rachel Wilkerson Miller

“The Art of Showing Up: How

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