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Most affordable home internet plans

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  • Many internet service providers (ISPs) offer specially discounted plans for households receiving economic assistance from the government, such as the National Student Lunch Program (NSLP).
  • Many of these plans cost less than $20/month and include networking equipment.
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also has a program to help defray the cost of internet service for low-income households.
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No matter who you are, picking out a home internet plan is tricky. You’ll be faced with the decision of what speeds you need on the plan, whether you need to rent a modem and router, how much data you think you might need, and (if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with multiple options) which internet service provider (ISP)

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Samsung now offering product demos at home in India

In a pursuit to stronghold its the Indian market, Samsung has announced a lot of initiatives for the last couple of months. The chaebol recently introduced a privacy mode dubbed AltZLife exclusively for the country. It recently also announced its finance service to allow customers to buy devices easily from the comfort of the home.

Samsung also offers Galaxy Forever and Galaxy Assured service in the country. The former is a lease program while the latter offers assured buyback scheme. To keep its mobile business healthy in the pandemic, Samsung has now launched yet another program in the country. This one offers Samsung customers to have product demos right at their doorstep.

Samsung customers can now book home product demos in India

The South-Korean giant has now launched its Experience Samsung at Home program in India. As a part of this program, the potential customers can book home demos for

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Can 5G Provide Great Internet in an RV Far from Home? Soon, WSJ Reports

a man and a woman sitting in a chair: The Wall Street Journal reports that 5G can turn your RV into a cinematic hacker van or home office in the wilderness, once those places actually get 5G.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that 5G can turn your RV into a cinematic hacker van or home office in the wilderness, once those places actually get 5G.

  • A Wall Street Journal reporter tweeted out the idea for a new tech video: “1 RV. 3 5G smartphones. 15 different gadgets.”
  • The result of that experience: some insane download speeds for streaming video and gaming, promising to change how RVs and camper vans connect. But the promise is just that for now, because in the WSJ test, the RV was literally parked next to a 5G tower.
  • As 5G coverage expands across the U.S., roughing it in a mobile living room can allow you to binge-watch a show about camping, for example, in case it’s drizzling out and you didn’t pack raingear.

It was a simple plan. Take an RV, add three 5G smartphones, and see

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11 Accessories to Help You Stay Focused and Productive If You’re Working From Home

If you’re working from home, you’re going to need tools to make your place feel more like an office. It’s easy to lose focus if you don’t create the right work space.

For Shirley Lam, the founder and owner of the pet lifestyle site, Perro & Me, it’s all about building a little bit of structure. Lam, who runs the thriving online business out of her house in Vancouver, says it’s important to get in the mindset that you’re going to work. “Set your daily schedule in your calendar and stick to it as you would at the office,” she says. “And get dressed for work — do your hair, put on makeup and look office-appropriate, even if it’s just your home office.”

Another tip: “Set up a dedicated spot as your work space so that you can take breaks and walk away from it,” Lam says. A bonus: “if

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Home developers must leverage technology to woo buyers: report

India’s residential realty sector, which was struggling even prior to the pandemic, will have to significantly leverage technology to differentiate their offerings in order to attract customers in the post-covid-19 era, Bain & Co. said in a report.

“The pandemic will breed a new host of customer key performance indicators (KPIs), namely around building safety and security. Developers that demonstrate thoughtfully redesigned infrastructure upgrades, such as touch-less surfaces, digitally-enabled entry and exit, resident and guest management systems, smart homes and smart club houses, will attract buyer attention and provide differentiated value,” it added.

Besides, as customers defer their visits and traditional lead conversion techniques of walk-ins and in-person show-flat tours lose traction, developers adopting digital sales channels such as virtual tours and online bookings will find themselves better placed to attract customers, Bain said.

Developers will also have to adopt various innovative technology solutions, both within homes and

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How hackers could spy on satellite internet traffic with just $300 of home TV equipment

Security vulnerabilities in satellite broadband communications could allow cyber attackers to intercept unencrypted web traffic using nothing more than a few hundred dollars’ worth of home television equipment.

By exploiting the vulnerabilities, it’s possible for an attacker to spy on sensitive communications from thousands of miles away, with virtually no risk of being detected.

A cybersecurity researcher at Oxford University has demonstrated how they were able to do this and intercept real traffic from targets ranging from ships to law firms to Internet of Things providers across half the globe – all from a fixed point in the UK.

SEE: A winning strategy for cybersecurity (ZDNet special report) | Download the report as a PDF (TechRepublic)  

PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science James Pavur revealed his research at the Black Hat USA virtual conference after previously disclosing his findings to the affected parties in order to help them

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The coronavirus pandemic forced many people in Connecticut to work from home. Power outages from Tropical Storm Isaias could send some back to the office.

The coronavirus pandemic forced legions of office workers in Connecticut to work at home to stop the spread, but the strategy hit a major disruption when Tropical Storm Isaias knocked out power — and in many cases, internet — to hundreds of thousands of utility customers in the state.

Major employers in the Hartford area said Wednesday they were coping with how the loss of power was affecting employees working remotely. In some cases, shifting responsibilities to employees who did have power. Some were even considering allowing some workers to come back to the office on a temporary basis.

Travelers Cos., a property-casualty insurer employs 7,000 in the Hartford area, said it is being as flexible as possible as employees deal with power loss, internet problems and storm damage.

“Colleagues from other parts of the company are able to support those who have been affected by Isaias so that we

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Online skills make students a whizz at working from home

girl with laptop - Stuart Nicol
girl with laptop – Stuart Nicol

The Coronavirus pandemic has left the economy struggling: a reality that is particularly threatening to students who face severe setbacks in the job market for the next few years.

However, students might have found a way around this, as they leverage the internet to earn money under a range of job roles. The ease of technology for students is second-nature, thus allowing them to fulfil a variety of positions remotely online. 

Repercussions of the pandemic have caused a higher demand for certain jobs- many of which students can fulfil. The need for extra child care at home has become supplementary to the economy, while time-off from formal education has given rise to tutoring outside of schools. 

Becky Marsden, a 20 year old student at the University of Stirling has been earning money online as a tutor for Based in Scotland, Becky has been

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Real Estate Agents Reveal Their Secrets To Get Your Home Off the Market Fast

If you’re selling your home, you probably want to get it off the market ASAP. A quick sale will prevent you from having to possibly maintain and pay for two properties at once, and it also means you’ll probably get a better price for your home. Homes that don’t sell quickly tend to sell for less than asking price.

GOBankingRates spoke to real estate agents and other experts to find out their secrets for how to sell your house fast.

Last updated: March 2, 2020

Price It Right

If you want to get a house sold fast, the best way to do it is to price it right from the start,” said Corey Chappell, a closing options analyst with 181-Close-Now. “The majority of agents go for the easy deal. That means every morning they look to see which houses just hit the market and look like good deals. If

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We’ve been working from home for 5 months. Here’s what we learned.

We've been working from home for 5 months. Here's what we learned.
We’ve been working from home for 5 months. Here’s what we learned.

Like many, many others around the world, we’ve been working from home for close to six months here at Mashable due to the coronavirus pandemic. We miss our coworkers and our lunch spots, but we’ve managed to get by knowing we’re fortunate to be able to work from home at all.

Since we work on the internet, a big part of “getting by” has been learning the myriad ways tech can help and hinder us throughout the day. With that in mind, here are just a few of the basics that we and other remote workers have had to internalize and make part of our daily routines while our lives were turned upside down by the pandemic. We know you’d prefer to be back at the office or out with your friends, but take these tips to heart

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