Install Fortnite Mobile on Android smartphone by following these steps!

Earlier today, we reported that Google and Apple have kicked off Epic Games’ Fortnite from their respective Play Store and App Store. In fact, Epic Games has also sued both the smartphone makers over the removal. While you will not be able to find the popular battle royale on both the stores, you can still install the game on your compatible Android smartphone. Even though Fortnite is banned from these two popular stores, Epic Games still has its own standalone application. Here’s how can you can still install Fortnite Mobile on your Android device.

Install Fortnite Mobile on Android smartphones

For Galaxy device owners:

Since the arrival of Fortnite Mobile, Epic Games has collaborated with Samsung to offer the game on Galaxy Store at the early stage. Well, that partnership still remains alive even though the game is kicked off by Google and Apple. This means that Galaxy device owners can download the Epic Games app right from the Galaxy Store. You can follow the steps mentioned down below.

  1. Fire up the Galaxy Store app on your Galaxy smartphone and search for Epic Games app.
  2. You should now see the app listed in the search result. If that doesn’t happen for some reason, you can head over to this link directly.
    Note: At this stage, you might also come across a ‘content not available‘ error. tapping on the OK button once should fix the issue. If that’s not the case, then sadly your device is unsupported.
  3. Once the Epic Games app is installed on your device, open it up. You might be asked to update it, proceed with the update. The app might close on its own. Open it up again.
  4. Now, tap on the Fortnite button to install the game on your smartphone. It is worth noting that the game size falls somewhere around 8GB so a stable WiFi connection is needed.

For other Android smartphone owners:

If you don’t own a Galaxy smartphone, then don’t worry – you can still install and play Fornite Mobile on your smartphone. Instead of going to the above-mentioned link, you need to head over to this official page of Fortnite Mobile for Android. From there, you can directly download the Epic Games app and then eventually Fortnite. The rest of the steps remains the same.



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