How Can Abandoned Cart SMS Help You?

How Can Abandoned Cart SMS Help You?

There’s nothing worse than consistently losing money from customers who abandon their online shopping carts without actually making the purchase. Many business owners assume that there’s nothing they can do to solve this impactful problem — but that’s definitely not the case! There are actually abandoned cart SMS messaging services that can help you push these potential customers to the finish line and convert these sales into more revenue for your company. Since many businesses are still unaware of abandoned cart SMS recovery services, here’s how they can help:

What Is Abandoned Cart SMS?

Abandoned cart SMS is an SMS messaging service that can help you convert cart abandonment into actual sales. Cart abandonment can be a huge loss of revenue for eCommerce businesses — over 70% of carts of abandoned before a purchase is made. So just imagine how much revenue you could bring in if you could recover just a portion of those sales. After all, the customer liked an item enough to add it to the cart! So what gives? Well, this is the entire point of an abandoned cart SMS recovery service.

How Does Abandoned Cart SMS Work?

The best way to go about recovering your abandoned carts is to work with a specialized abandoned cart SMS service. After all, you don’t have time to personally text all these different people — you have a business to run! These services have live representatives who reach out to customers who abandon their cart on your website. Many of them have a simple Shopify app that you can install so that they can gain access to this information and then act on it. A representative will reach out to the customer, remind them about the items they had in the cart, and ask them if there’s anything they need in order to complete the purchase. Maybe the customer thought shipping was too expensive — you can offer them free shipping. Maybe the customer had a question about sizing — you can send them a size chart. Most of these concerns can quickly be solved thanks to a live representative who can promptly and accurately respond to your customer. From there, they can provide them with the link back to their cart so that they can make the purchase! It really is that simple.

How Can Abandoned Cart SMS Help You?

Obviously, abandoned cart SMS recovery services help you recover lost sales. But what exactly does this mean and does it really work? When you use a reputable service, they can actually help you save up to 21% of your abandoned carts and put a ton of money into your pockets. Furthermore, using live representatives to speak with your customers will provide an excellent customer experience that the person is bound to remember the next time they decide to shop online. In this instance, SMS is way more effective than emails that will either go unopened or go directly to the spam folder. Text messages have higher open rates and conversion rates because they are more personal — especially when you use live representatives instead of automated responses. So by going above and beyond with your customer service, you can easily earn repeat customers who continue to buy from you again and again.

As you can see, abandoned cart SMS is definitely something that you don’t want to miss out on! It’s an essential marketing tactic, especially for eCommerce businesses that experience high rates of cart abandonment. We promise that it has nothing to do with you! So instead of just taking that loss and worrying about why people aren’t buying, use abandoned cart SMS services to actually find out, convert sales, and make improvements to your business as needed.