A motherboard is as essential as the tools that make up the CPU of your PC. As the backbone of your PC, Collected.Reviews have different pointers to choosing the best motherboard based on different customer suggestions. If you check online stores, you can also find healthy customer reviews which can […]

The world has become a web for connection, and so, we must stay connected through the internet. Therefore, there is a tendency that you may want to stick with an internet service provider (ISP) once you’ve picked one. However, certain factors may constitute the need for a switch from one […]

Industrial Computer-on-Module Market A Computer-on-Module (COM) is a collection of electronic circuits mounted on a circuit board to give an essential capacity inside a PC. An illustration may be an inverter, which would require at least two transistors and a few extra supporting gadgets. Modules would be embedded into a […]

All good things must come to an end. Microsoft has confirmed that the PC version of Game Pass will soon cost $9.99 per month, rather than $4.99 per month. We knew this price hike was coming: Game Pass for PC is technically in beta at the moment, and the Xbox […]

Design and construction Let’s start with the former. Kano originally caught the public’s attention by wrapping a Raspberry Pi board — which was cheap and capable, but overwhelming for the average parent — in a transparent case with a child-friendly assortment of colorful cables and dongles. The company even put […]

If you’ve got a tech-obsessed friend, you’ll know there’s nothing better than gifting them a brand new gadget that they can mess around with. But we also know that buying these new devices depends on the kind of person your friend is, which makes it a bit more difficult to […]