5 Ways to Save Energy Using Your Phone

5 Ways to Save Energy Using Your Phone

Many do not know how our wireless technology has changed our lives. Our smartphones help us in accessing the internet and text messaging.It helps us perform many functions without physical limitations. However, charging our phones and the means through which we do affect our phone’s battery life and the energy we consume.

Opinions from many people on reviewsbird.co.uk reveal more about the means through which our phone consumes energy. Additionally, reviews of energy companies also show that it is important to know how to save energy through effective use of mobile devices.

Starting from the charger, a charger uses 5 watts in 3 hours. This means it consumes about 0.01 kilowatt-hours each day. However, many leave a charger plugged in without charging any phone with it. When this is done, it consumes half a watt each day. But we can save energy use on our phones through the following means:

1.  Enable Energy and Power Saving Mode:

This optimises battery performance and reduces its display brightness. It balances performance and its energy consumption. It temporarily ceases some functions such as background downloads or uploading of documents to the cloud. However, it allows making phone calls, sending texts or emails. This is a better option for phone users when the phone battery drops below 20%.

2.  Close Unused or Dormant Apps:

Many times, unused apps are running in the background. This consumes the device’s resources and it disallows the longevity of battery life. Shutting unused apps down or easily swiping them left or right could make your battery last longer.

3.  Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi when Not in Use:

Many times when these signals are activated, it seeks connectivity. These signals deplete your phone battery and it could reduce its overall performance. You can easily switch these features off to further save your battery and enhance your phone’s performance.

4.  Reduce Screen Time Out and Brightness:

You can activate a default brightness and dim light setting on your mobile phone. This lets it regulate energy consumption. You can save a significant amount of energy through the use of default brightness. Also, a transition into dormant mode often happens when your devices aren’t used for some time. Setting your screen timeout time to a minimal period can also help in saving your phone’s energy.

5.  Switch Off Your Device When the Chance Arises:

Some people often switch off their mobile and smartphone devices on Fridays. Some do so every night. You should choose a time to switch off your devices so that energy can be saved and retrieved. If you worry about the inability to receive messages or calls, you’ll get to see them when your phone is back on.

These processes will help to save energy use on your phones and also prolong battery life. You should also consider unplugging your charger when you’re not charging. Also, it has been advised that phones should be used only after being charged. Using your phone while charging is a way to ruin battery life and extend its charging duration.