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Talbot elections officials unsettled after underage voter gets mail ballot application | Local

EASTON — A St. Michaels mother says she was upset to find in her mailbox an application for a mail-in ballot addressed to her 17-year-old daughter who will not be eligible to vote in November. Talbot County elections officials deny having sent the application, though they say they don’t know who did.

County Elections Director Jeri Cook said the mailing did not come from the county’s elections office nor from the state of Maryland. She said she’s “really concerned” that underage voters are receiving mail that urges them to vote in the 2020 Presidential General Election when they are not eligible to do so.

The envelope in which the St. Michaels woman said her daughter’s ballot application was enclosed shows an image of a young girl wearing a mask, and beside the girl there is a message that reads: “Support our children and schools. Vote Yes on Question 2 …”

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