Membaca buku sangat baik untuk pengetahuan anak zaman sekarang. Mendapatkan informasi yang sangat banyak dan berlimpah dari membaca. Dari segi infrastruktur indonesia tidak kalah, Indonesia berada di urutan 34 untuk penilaian dari komponen infrastruktur, berada di atas negara maju seperti Jerman. Namun minat untuk baca buku orang di indonesia masih […]

Strong investor appetite for the technology sector is set to drive recovery in private equity with the booming area seen as a safe harbour for investments during COVID-19 and forecast to be the major source of deal activity. In a report to be released on Monday titled The Carry: Private […]

James Kretchmar, CTO of Akamai, spoke to Information Age about how AI and machine learning impact Internet performance Akamai CTO James Kretchmar discussed the company’s background, current work on Internet performance, and future AI trends. Intelligent edge platform Akamai was born out of a conversation between Sir Tim Berners-Lee and […]

What happens when a decidedly non-glamorous sector shows strength? Making money is always the goal of investors, so it can pay to understand what’s happening with a sector that doesn’t get much love in the media.  One of those so-called “boring” sectors, materials, is up 4% in September, and more […]

There is a scene early in “The Vow,” HBO’s documentary series on Nxivm, where an eager recruit meets the group’s mysterious leader for the first time. After being described in near-godlike terms by his acolytes in Albany — who rhapsodize about his supposed world-record I.Q., Judo mastery and concert-level piano […]

Confined inside home, we try to break the monotony by taking up tough viral tasks on social media. Every day is a challenge in this pandemic time. Even previously simple “no brainer” chores like buying vegetables from a supermarket has become a daunting challenge now. Now, for buying groceries in […]

Industrial Computer-on-Module Market A Computer-on-Module (COM) is a collection of electronic circuits mounted on a circuit board to give an essential capacity inside a PC. An illustration may be an inverter, which would require at least two transistors and a few extra supporting gadgets. Modules would be embedded into a […]

Digital generated image of financial line charts falling down because of coronavirus COVID-19 on … [+] blue background. getty The COVID-19-induced economic downturn wiped out eight quarters of core earnings growth in just two quarters, as I highlighted in “S&P 500 Peaks As Earnings Trough.” This report focuses on the core earnings […]