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How Can Abandoned Cart SMS Help You?

There’s nothing worse than consistently losing money from customers who abandon their online shopping carts without actually making the purchase. Many business owners assume that there’s nothing they can do to solve this impactful problem — but that’s definitely not the case! There are actually abandoned cart SMS messaging services that can help you push these potential customers to the finish line and convert these sales into more revenue for your company. Since many businesses are still unaware of abandoned cart SMS recovery services, here’s how they can help:

What Is Abandoned Cart SMS?

Abandoned cart SMS is an SMS messaging service that can help you convert cart abandonment into actual sales. Cart abandonment can be a huge loss of revenue for eCommerce businesses — over 70% of carts of abandoned before a purchase is made. So just imagine how much revenue you could bring in if you could recover … Read More


CRPF Issues New Guidelines, Bans Use of Smartphones by Staff in ‘High-Sensitivity Areas’

New Delhi: The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has issued new guidelines for smartphones and mobile phones, stating that smartphones which store and record data are prohibited in “high sensitivity” areas including places designated or accredited for the processing, handling or discussion of classified information in real-time, conference halls and operations rooms. Also Read – Sonu Sood Sends Smartphones to Students to Access Online Education in Remote Haryana Village

According to the CRPF’s new guideline, which will be applicable for all staff including jawans and civilian staff, smartphones will be kept at a specified counter if someone brings it to office.

“The basic purpose of having a smartphone guideline in an organisation is to define guidelines for information security within the Force. The fundamental principles of information security are confidentiality, integrity, and availability,” CRPF stated in its guidelines.

“Every element of an information security program and every security control put

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Mediacom pushes to restore internet almost seven weeks after storm

CEDAR RAPIDS — As Jason Allen finished a repair to the 17th pole Thursday, he was more than an hour away from where his Mediacom crew was based.

Allen is one of the many Mediacom broadband specialists coming into the area as part of Mediacom’s all-hands-on-deck effort to restore service as hundreds of Cedar Rapids customers are into their almost seventh week without service.

It’s not a quick process. The Mediacom crew of which Allen was a part spent more than 45 minutes at one address making repairs to a couple poles and lines.

In a day, a six-person crew often gets to 20 to 25 poles, which can get physically taxing. The workers all had at least 25 years of experience.

“Our bodies are feeling it,” Allen said.

The crew Allen was working with Thursday came from north of Waterloo and as far south as Burlington. Some technicians have

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