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Huawei Confirms Dangerous New Switch To Russia

The Trump versus Huawei pantomime is now in full swing, and the latest news to emerge from the Chinese giant’s media machine is no less intended to find its mark than Trump’s far-from throwaway “Spywei” barb last month. With Washington’s warnings about the risks of election interference by America’s two most dangerous adversaries—Russia and China—continuing, what better time for Huawei to up the stakes. You’re pushing us into Russia’s arms, appears to be the message, you might want to think that through.

These are desperate times for Huawei. Trump’s latest attack has ripped the chipsets from Huawei’s supply chain that the company needs to power its flagship smartphones and 5G equipment. And while company execs assure that a plan is being worked on, that investments in the company’s own chipset development unit will be redoubled, that answers will be found, there’s been deafening silence from Shenzhen

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Internet Cashes in on With Memes after Google Suspends Paytm App from Play Store

a person smiling for the camera: 'Lo Chali Main': Internet Cashes in on With Memes after Google Suspends Paytm App from Play Store

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‘Lo Chali Main’: Internet Cashes in on With Memes after Google Suspends Paytm App from Play Store

India’s digital payment app Paytm has been taken down by Google from the Google Play Store.

The reason cited in a TechCrunch report states that the app has been suspended from the Play Store after Google took cognisance of “repeated violations” by Paytm of Google’s Play Store app policies.

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Paytm is one of India’s largest companies by volume of users and transactions, and is also India’s highest-valued startup. Reports indicate that Paytm’s suspension has come in light of the Paytm First sports betting service, which seemingly violated Google’s app policies on unregulated gambling and online casinos.

The news of Paytm app suspension put the memers to work immediately on an otherwise lazy Friday, who imagined what

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Senior Biden campaign cybersecurity expert participated in racist internet troll group

A senior cybersecurity adviser to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign spent years affiliating with a hacking organization and boasted on a personal blog about breaking into her neighbor’s computers.

Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie

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Jackie Singh, who joined the Biden campaign in July as a senior cyber incident responder and threat analyst, was an affiliate of the hacking organization the Gay N—– Association of America, once headed by white nationalist Andrew Auernheimer.

Logs obtained by the Washington Examiner from various Internet Relay Chat rooms, a messaging platform dating back to the 1980s which is popular with hackers, show Singh as a contributor to a toxic culture of overt racism. In August, Singh wrote on Twitter that her role with the Biden campaign focused on “working tirelessly to ensure the digital safety of this campaign.”

From 2009 to 2016, Singh, under the username “jax,” routinely spammed advertising for the GNAA, which

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