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Advancements in technology often rooted in agriculture | News, Sports, Jobs

Picture this — cows walking on their own to the barn. A robotic arm reaches out to clean their udders. The “arm” attaches suction cups. The cows are milked. They leave and head back to the fields.

No humans touch the cows during the process.

No, this is not from a futuristic movie. This is 21st century technology that is firmly embedded in today’s farming business.

The marriage of farming and technology is not a new one, according to Liam Migdail, communications director at the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.

“Using technology has been there for centuries,” Migdail said. “If you look at some of the inventions that we think of as being the most economically significant, a lot of them are an agricultural invention.”

Migdail cited the plow and the cotton gin as early examples of technology created for farming.

“When you look, over time, some of the advances in technology,

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Greeson: Cracker Barrel meets beer barrel, helping kids get internet access, Big Ten football finances, obit observation

Well, the coronavirus and the demand for business owners to find ways to make up lost revenue have hit us in ways that maybe we could have expected and in ways that no one could have expected. For Pete’s sake, a local McDonald’s closed.

So let’s talk here.

Who in a world before coronavirus would have ever imagined that the need for a revenue bump would put Cracker Barrel in the beer and wine business?

That’s right, Cracker Barrel, the home of home-style cookin’ across the country, is on tap to offer beer and wine in its dining rooms — even right here in its home state of Tennessee.

Man, think of the options. Farm-raised catfish, and Boone’s Farm. Biscuits and Budweiser.

Chicken and cheers, y’all.


Speaking of revenue

OK, there was something lost amid the news of Big Ten football returning to the field next month.

Under the cover

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Give The Gift Of Tech With These 9 Must-Have Gadgets

If you’ve got a tech-obsessed friend, you’ll know there’s nothing better than gifting them a brand new gadget that they can mess around with. But we also know that buying these new devices depends on the kind of person your friend is, which makes it a bit more difficult to give them something they don’t have or something they didn’t know they needed.

We’ve rounded up a few different gift ideas, so no matter what kind of friend you have, you’ll be able to grab a fun new toy for them to play with.

They also make pretty good gifts if you’re looking to treat yourself too.

Budget Options

Tile Mate ($35)

Image: Catch

If you know someone who is prone to losing their keys, it might be a good idea to gift them a Tile Mate. This handy tracker easily slips onto a keyring and can be located anywhere

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