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Who Says Laptops Can’t Be Eco-Friendly? Shop HP’s Line of Sustainable Gadgets

Laptops, desktops, printers and other gadgets make the modern world go round. These powerful machines don’t just make our lives easier. They’re also continually being reinvented and improved to match both the speed and ways in which we live our lives. However, what about those of us who want to change our behavior and purchase decisions to be more environmentally friendly? As much as we love our smartphones, we also know that these gadgets come with a big carbon footprint. The same goes for laptops, from production to shipping and the amount of energy they use on a daily basis.

To help out eco-conscious shoppers, HP has released the HP Sustainability Buyer’s Guide, which helps shoppers find desktops, laptops, monitors and printers made with sustainable materials and recycled plastics. On top of that, HP has released a line of laptops that function efficiently with ENERGY STAR ratings. No longer do

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