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NHS contact tracing app ‘is unlikely to reduce the spread of Covid-19’

The new NHS Test and Trace app won’t work unless the vast majority of the country installs it and even then social distancing will still be required, a new study claims.

The NHS app launched in the Isle of Wight last week as a pilot scheme, with users urged to scan barcodes when they go out to create a ‘virtual diary’ of movements.

This is the second trial on the island by NHS following its disastrous first attempt, which was abandoned in June.    

A new study by University College London found that these types of tracking apps only work if the vast majority of a population install and actively use them. 

By reviewing 15 earlier scientific studies into the use of the apps, the team found that even if 80 per cent of a population install them other public health restrictions would still be needed to slow the spread of

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