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Pentingnya Membaca Bagi Diri Sendiri

Membaca buku sangat baik untuk pengetahuan anak zaman sekarang. Mendapatkan informasi yang sangat banyak dan berlimpah dari membaca. Dari segi infrastruktur indonesia tidak kalah, Indonesia berada di urutan 34 untuk penilaian dari komponen infrastruktur, berada di atas negara maju seperti Jerman.

Namun minat untuk baca buku orang di indonesia masih sangat rendah. Menurut penelitian para ahli membaca, Menunjukkan Indonesia menduduki peringkat ke-60 dari 61 negara dalam hal minat membaca. Indonesia berada di bawah negara tetangga seperti Thailand.

Jangan meremehkan manfaat membaca. Dengan adanya budaya gerakan membaca, kita akan menjadi bangsa yang kreatif karena terbiasa mengimajinasikan dan memprediksi apa yang kita baca,” kata Tri Rismaharini di acara Awarding Surabaya Akseliterasi 2016 yang digelar di halaman Taman Surya.

Buku adalah jendela dunia sehingga dengan membaca buku, maka wawasan seseorang juga akan bertambah. Hal ini penting bagi kita, sebab kita harus membangun sumber daya manusia yang bisa survive dalam persaingan global,” tegasnya Read More


Talbot elections officials unsettled after underage voter gets mail ballot application | Local

EASTON — A St. Michaels mother says she was upset to find in her mailbox an application for a mail-in ballot addressed to her 17-year-old daughter who will not be eligible to vote in November. Talbot County elections officials deny having sent the application, though they say they don’t know who did.

County Elections Director Jeri Cook said the mailing did not come from the county’s elections office nor from the state of Maryland. She said she’s “really concerned” that underage voters are receiving mail that urges them to vote in the 2020 Presidential General Election when they are not eligible to do so.

The envelope in which the St. Michaels woman said her daughter’s ballot application was enclosed shows an image of a young girl wearing a mask, and beside the girl there is a message that reads: “Support our children and schools. Vote Yes on Question 2 …”

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AT&T wants to put ads on your smartphone in exchange for $5 discount

An AT&T sign on the outside of a building.
Enlarge / An AT&T sign outside a company office in New York City.

AT&T CEO John Stankey said the company may offer cellphone plans subsidized by advertising, giving customers monthly discounts of $5 or $10 in exchange for ads on their phones. “I believe there’s a segment of our customer base where given a choice, they would take some load of advertising for a $5 or $10 reduction in their mobile bill,” Stankey said in an interview with Reuters yesterday. Stankey apparently didn’t offer details on what form the ads would take.

According to Reuters, Stankey said that AT&T’s ad-supported phone plans could be introduced in “a year or two.” AT&T is already doing back-end work in its targeted-advertising system that could increase the value of such plans to AT&T’s ad-sales business:

AT&T engineers are creating “unified customer identifiers,” Stankey said. Such technology would allow marketers to identify users across

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Government to push pensions sector towards green technology investment

Guy Opperman is Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion

Guy Opperman is Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion

Department for Work and Pensions consults on plans to drive long-term pensions sector investment into ‘important sectors of the economy’ such as green technology

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has launched a consultation to improve saver outcomes and promote investment in green technology and infrastructure in the UK pensions industry.

The consultation, published today, puts forward measures to encourage pension schemes to invest in a more diverse range of long-term assets – including illiquid products such as venture capital and green infrastructure. Views are also being sought on additional steps to encourage the consolidation of smaller pension schemes into larger schemes.

The DWP said the proposals would require trustees of smaller schemes to assess key elements of the value achieved by their scheme and to report on the outcome of that assessment. Where this assessment shows that

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How an Older TV Screwed Up an Entire Village’s Internet

It took experts months to figure out what was causing outages for a small town in Wales. Here’s what they did to solve it.

© Jeffrey Coolidge – Getty Images
It took experts months to figure out what was causing outages for a small town in Wales. Here’s what they did to solve it.

  • A TV in Wales took down the local internet, making it a lesson about interference.
  • Shielded cabling and other tech helps protect signals, but this interference is unpredictable.
  • The ISP worked for months to figure out what regularly took down this network.

An embarrassed villager in Aberhosan, Wales, has learned their old TV has been messing up the entire village broadband connection. The cause—discovered by an engineering team from Openreach—is a burst of electrical activity called SHINE: single high-level impulse noise.

Older TVs, likely limited to only CRTs and prior unless something’s wrong with your wiring, experience an intense concentration of energy when you first power them on—you’d notice more resistance and an indescribable noise when you powered on these

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LG unveils Wing phone with swivelling dual screens


Image: LG Electronics

LG Electronics has unveiled its new dual screen smartphone called LG Wing.

The LG Wing, which is the first device to be unveiled as part of the company’s Explorer Project, has two screens stacked together.

The first screen is a 6.8-inch OLED panel that can be rotated clockwise by 90 degrees to unveil a second 3.9-inch screen in swivel mode.

According to LG, this allows a single app to be expanded onto both screens or for two apps to be displayed simultaneously on each screen.

Apps such as YouTube, Tubi, Rave, and Ficto can be displayed on both screens via the preinstalled Naver Whale browser. For these apps, videos would be played on the main screen and the second screen would show the comments section or search bar.

LG also touted that the phone’s swivel mode will make it easier to navigate, explaining that the main screen

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Fintech Pledge launched to strengthen UK’s financial technology sector

Entrepreneurial network Tech Nation has launched its Fintech Pledge to accelerate the growth of the UK’s financial technology (fintech) sector through establishing standards for “efficient and transparent commercial partnerships” between traditional banks and fintech firms.

Supported by HM Treasury and the Tech Nation-run Fintech Delivery Panel, the pledge consists of five principles aimed at improving the traditional banking sector’s engagement and collaboration with fintechs.

These are to provide clear guidance to technology firms on how the onboarding process works through a dedicated online landing page; provide clarity to tech startups on their progress through the onboarding process; provide a named contact, guidance and feedback; encourage good practice and improvement; and to commit to implementing this process six months from signing the pledge and providing bi-annual feedback in the first year.

“Building partnerships with established institutions is a fantastic route for fintechs to drive positive change in finance, be it underpinning

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IdeaTek awarded $13.7 million to extend internet access – News – The Hutchinson News

A grant announcement made Thursday afternoon brings new meaning to the phrase “high-speed internet.”

Buhler-based IdeaTek will receive $13.71 million from four Connectivity Emergency Response Grants (CERG) awarded by the state in response to the novel coronavirus to extend its fiber-optic network to unserved and underserved areas in parts of more than a dozen area counties .

The company is teaming up with several local and state nonprofit agencies in new ways to leverage the state funding and qualify for the grant.

The challenge, however, is that the company must spend the millions going toward installing some 300 miles of new line and related wireless equipment within the next 80-some days.

That’s because of a federal government requirement attached to money, which flowed from the federal CARES Act, that it be spent before the end of the year or it will have to be repaid.

To put the challenge in

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Daily smartphone tracking planned for first recipients of COVID-19 vaccine – U.S.

Daily smartphone tracking planned for first recipients of COVID-19 vaccine

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WASHINGTON (Tribune News Service) — Americans that get the first COVID-19 vaccines will be closely monitored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through daily text messages and emails, according to a federal advisory group.

Essential workers who are expected to be the first recipients will get daily text messages on their smartphones asking about side effects in the first week after they get the shot, and then they’ll be contacted weekly for six weeks, said Tom Shimabukuro, a CDC immunization expert, at a meeting of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Those workers could total about

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Indiana’s ed-tech sector grows rapidly with startups, not-for-profits

Studytable targets college students with a platform that lets those who are higher achieving help those who are struggling. (IBJ photo/Eric Learned)

The educational technology sector is exploding nationally and central Indiana is scoring an A+ in capturing a chunk of that growth.

The United States is home to almost half of the world’s ed-tech companies and provides more venture capital funding to that sector than does any other nation, according to a report released earlier this year by RS Components, a United Kingdom-based electronics company.

The report—an analysis of data from business researcher Crunchbase—found 1,385 ed-tech companies in the United States, 43% of the global total. India had the second-highest number, with 327.

The sector’s worldwide market value is growing at a double-digit annual clip and is set to reach $252 billion this year, Forbes reported. Tech goliaths—such as LinkedIn, which acquired Lynda, a California-based online learning company, for

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