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China is pushing for the adoption of a new worldwide Internet Protocol that could make the internet bigger and faster, but also potentially less anonymous. The technology, called IPv6, is an upgrade of the internet’s architecture that would allow trillions more electronic devices to have unique addresses online.

At a global summit held in Guangdong, China, July 30-31, the country’s top internet agencies called for a new IP-only Internet. “The initiative proposed that 2020 be the first year for the global large-scale acceleration of the deployment of pure IPv6,” the state-run Xinhua news agency reported last Friday.

Designed to replace the version 4 protocol that the current internet mostly depends on, IPv6 is an upgraded version of the architecture that creates the unique “addresses” that allow computer networks around the world to communicate with one another.

A larger and faster internet, but at what cost?  

As the first widely deployed

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In Post-COVID-19 China, Beauty Is Bigger Online Than Ever

SHANGHAI — The foot traffic at Parkson was middling at best. Although the well-known department store on Huaihai Road no longer had that eerie ghost town feeling that had settled upon the entire city in February when COVID-19 was at its peak in China, it could not exactly be described as lively either.

So when I paused in front of the Shiseido counter, I had the full attention of beauty adviser Mei, who had on an orange peachy lip shade and upwardly brushed brows. With the high summer heat, she suggested I look into some brightening products for my freckles and consider the Synchro Skin foundation to beat the humidity and what seemed like the constant downpour during Shanghai’s plum rain season.

Nothing out of the usual for a beauty shopping trip, but after I agreed on the right shade of Synchro Skin and purchased it with a scan of

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Harris Faulkner Gets a Bigger Spotlight at Fox News Channel

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Meghan McCain says one of the biggest lessons in her TV career came when she was working alongside Harris Faulkner in the run up to the 2016 election at Fox News Channel.

A viewer had slipped into her direct messages on Twitter with an unpleasant remark, and McCain, who says she is prone to react to such things, learned a different strategy from Faulkner, with whom she appeared regularly on the  Fox News early-afternoon program “Outnumbered.”  The advice? “You’ve got to give people like that honey,” she recalls. If you’re going to respond, give that person something other than what they served you.

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“I’m very impulsive,” acknowledges McCain, who speaks out regularly on the current panel at ABC’s “The View.” Faulkner, however, “is very cool under pressure,” she says. “She’s still water.”

Harris Faulkner will have reason to maintain her

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