4 Sectors Positively Impacted by Blockchain During the Current Pandemic

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Blockchain technology was invented in the last years of the previous decade, and yet the true potential of this technology is, however, to be discovered even in a dozen years. Even in its known applications, not all businesses and all demographics have shown the excitement it warrants. Yet, certain global events at times dictate the rise and fall of specific technologies. Currently, the world is at war with a pandemic titled COVID-19. There is still time to finally see what the after-effects of this global crisis will be. However, we can be confident that social distancing will be required for quite some time before interaction can be, as is said, business as usual.

One must think what a global pandemic and an emerging technology have in common here to be discussed in the same breath?

Well, not much, but at the outset, we can say that blockchain technology will majorly

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Prestigio Click&Touch: a virtual mouse & touchpad on a keyboard

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The Prestigio Click&Touch keyboard from Clevetura is a clever and somewhat unusual piece of kit.

Let’s just state this plain and simple: this is a Bluetooth keyboard that acts as keyboard, but also as a mouse and a swipeable touchpad. 

Before we talk about the product, let’s point out what that means. Yes you could use it with a laptop or even with a larger machine. But, crucially, it also means you can use it with a tablet.

We’ve used other Bluetooth keyboards with tablets and it’s a nice way of being able to type properly and get a little more full-blown machine feel out of your mobile device. But with this product you can also ‘point’ onto the screen and use mouse-type commands.

You can be typing away and then rest a single finger on the keyboard (almosty anywhere at all) and a mouse ‘pointer’ icon will appear. Similarly,

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13 new learning centers will open up Monday

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The district said this is not like reopening schools. These centers are for vulnerable children who cannot learn at home due to lack of internet.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Guilford County Schools will be opening learning centers in 13 schools for students who lack internet access.

Starting Monday, August 31, the centers will open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays during remote learning. 

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Students at the centers can use the district’s high-speed internet capabilities to access digital content and complete assignments. After Labor Day, students at the center will be able to access live, online instruction provided by their teachers.

While the service is free, advanced registration is required.

“It’s on a first come, first serve basis but preference is given to students who do not have broadband connectivity at home,” Chief

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