70% of smartphones shipped in the US during the second quarter were made in China

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Distributors increased orders for ultra-low-end Android smartphones from lesser-known China made smartphones like Unimax and Wiko to match the tight consumer budgets and limited spending power of the Americans after millions of them lost their jobs and US unemployment rate crossed record high amid COVID19.

Around 70% smartphones shipped in the US during second quarter this year were made in China, says Canalys, a market analyst firm.

The number of China-made smartphones shipped in the world’s third largest smartphone market surged 10 points from 60% during the first three months of the year. The total smartphones shipped in the United States in the second quarter jumped 11% to 31.9 million from the previous quarter.

“Resumption of Chinese factory operations at the end of March and stores reopening in May and June were key contributors to sequential market growth,” Canalys said.

The federally-subsidized Lifeline program provides discounted phones for low-income Americans.

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MTV VMAs 2020: BTS’s Performance Broke the Internet

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A BTS performance always gets social media talking, which means a BTS VMAs performance has the potential to break the internet. And that it did at the MTV Video Music Awards 2020. The wildly popular K-pop band performed their hit song “Dynamite” at this year’s VMAs, and yup, Twitter went into frenzy as a result. Watch just 30 seconds of the performance, and you’ll see why. 

Honestly, though, you should check out the whole thing. I mean, they already won this year’s VMAs for best group and best K-pop for a reason. Watch the video, below, and then we can keep chatting. 

Courtesy of MTV

Here’s what the Army had to say.

BTS is just one of several artists who performed at the MTV VMAs 2020. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and Miley Cyrus (among others) all sang during the show, which took place virtually and at outside locations

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