Insecure Protocols Still Litter the Internet

hafiz wae

When the foundations of the modern internet were laid in the 70s, people didn’t trust each other much more than they do now. They certainly did not leave their front doors standing open at night in case the neighbors wanted something.

The internet was developed by academics and engineers, though, who did just that when putting those early designs together. Recently, Rapid7 released its National/Industry/Cloud Exposure Report, taking a deep dive into the internet protocols still in common use today. It found that there are still a lot of doors without locks on them at all, with many clear text protocols still putting users at risk.

Examples include Telnet, the remote command line access protocol, which almost always exposes both the authentication data and the content in clear text. Another is rsync, a synchronization protocol that the authors call “an accident of early internet engineering”. Almost a quarter of

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