Harvest Information Program registration sees changes in Arkansas | Opinion

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Beginning this year all hunters who wish to pursue doves, ducks, geese and other migratory birds in Arkansas will need to register for the Harvest Information Program either online at agfc.com, through the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission smartphone app or at an AGFC regional office, nature center or shooting range. In an effort to improve the quality of data being submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arkansas HIP registration will no longer be offered at license vendors such as sporting goods stores.

Any hunter who chases migratory birds, from dove to ducks, has likely heard the message to “Get HIP,” during the last two decades, meaning to register for the federal Harvest Information Program before hunting migratory birds. The nationwide program was initiated by the USFWS in cooperation with states in 1999 to gather consistent information about how many birds of each species were being harvested across

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Close the rings! Wearable tech is catching on

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Kevin Benoit’s Apple Watch is at work monitoring his health and fitness. Submitted photo

Nik Barry has a complicated history, one riddled with addiction, arrests, shady characters and questionable behavior of all varieties. 

Who knew that a simple fitness watch could help repair all that? 

Kevin Benoit is legally blind, hearing impaired and prone to seizures. He wears his Apple Watch at all times. It keeps him fit but will also call for help if Benoit runs into trouble because of his health issues. 

Jeffrey Frankel? He’s got a Type II heart block that causes dangerous dips in his heartbeat. Frankel has a pacemaker and now he has an Apple Watch, as well, to help him stay in shape, but also to monitor his heart and keep tabs on his pacemaker. 

All those life-changing benefits in a simple watch-style gadget? 

You betcha. Wearable tech has taken off in recent years,

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